Let's talk design!


Let's Talk Design

Our studio offers you a complete jewellery and watch design service, from the blank page to approval of the finished product. We listen to you carefully at every stage, to develop original, innovative, personalized and technically feasible solutions that also speak to you emotionally.



Your project, our expertise

Our know-how is extensive and the result of long experience, combined with the inventiveness of youth. We bring added value to your project in multiple different ways:

Our expertise in international markets and current and future watch design trends means we can give your project a spirit all of its own.
We have been specializing in jewellery and  watch design for over 35 years and have a detailed understanding of the codes that underpin this very special sector.
Our specialist skills in watch construction ensure that your project is both feasible in practical terms and in step with current production techniques.
We check every element needed to manufacture your product and monitor its progress at every stage. Our team supports your project by working and talking directly with suppliers and manufacturers.
Supplier relationships
Our extensive knowledge of the watchmaking sector and its key players has helped us build a valuable network that we make available to you.
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How we proceed

We plan your project hand-in-hand with you to be sure our ideas reflect exactly what you want.

Our watch designer works with you to understand every aspect of your project. Which positioning? Which style? For which market? With which materials? Which movement? and in which price range? Together, we define clearly what you want and need.
Our work should be able to express your desires. We start by exploring a number of ideas and then present various proposals, which we then refine based on your preferences.
We stay involved throughout the development of your project. Depending on your needs, our services can range from validating prototypes, pre-production runs and technical plans for the watch external parts, through to making your product a reality following discussions with manufacturers and suppliers.
We can also develop displays, global packaging, exhibition stands, every items related to your project, that reflect the product and align with the brand’s overall look and feel.
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