We are an independent watch design studio based in Switzerland.

Who We are

Our independent watch design studio creates both watches and jewellery. We have refined our know-how by working with a range of brands from all over the world.
Our team is well equipped to respond to requests for both classic Swiss-made products and fashion items. The creativity of our watch designers stems from the combination of experience and dynamism embodied by our team, who are known for their versatility, responsiveness and agility.

our watch designer
Founder & product designer

As a free spirit in the world of watch design for over 35 years, Rodolphe knows the most intimate workings of the profession by heart.

Product designer

A jeweller by training and a qualified watch designer, Rossella draws on her Italian roots to develop an inspired style in step with the spirit of the times.

Product designer

After training as a watchmaker, Robin studied watch design and then worked in Paris to specialize in the art of customizing luxury watches.

The origins

Our independent watch design studio was founded by Rodolphe Cattin, in the Swiss Watch Valley, in 2010. This free spirit has explored the multiple horizons of the world of watchmaking.
A designer for several of the leading names in traditional watchmaking and the world of fashion, he has also created his own brand and helped set up a watch Manufacture. His detailed knowledge of watches and jewellery from the design to the finished product, along with his vast network of contacts in Swiss and international watchmaking, are the cornerstone of the studio.

Key Dates
  1. 1975-1980
    School of Applied Arts in La Chaux-de-Fonds. Training in jewellery making and design.
  2. 1980-1982
    Initial experience with various watchmaking companies.
  3. 1983-1985
    Aged 20, he joins OMEGA and then works for TISSOT, before moving to LONGINES.
  4. 1985-1989
    Designer for LONGINES. He works, among other things, in France and southern European markets, notably on the “Conquest”, “Heritage”, “Francillon”, “Golden Wings” and “Grande Classique” designs.
  5. 1985-1989
    Creation of the concept for the “RODOLPHE by Longines” collections.
  6. 1989
    Creation of the independent design studio Rodolphe & Co, in La Chaux-de-Fonds.
  7. 1995
    RODOLPHE BY RODOLPHE, the first fully independent watch collection.
  8. 1998
    A watch designed by Rodolphe for the Bovet brand wins the L’Hebdo award for “Watch of the Year 1998”.
  9. 1999
    Creation and development of the RODOLPHE brand and the company RODOLPHE MONTRES ET BIJOUX.
  10. 2002
    The RODOLPHE brand enters the world of high-end watchmaking with the “Le Semainier” quadruple calendar model.
  11. 2005
    Partnership with FRANCK MULLER WATCHLAND. The RODOLPHE brand joins the group that develops 100% Swiss-made products.
  12. 2006
    The RODOLPHE brand wins the L’Hebdo award for “Watch of the Year 2006”.
  13. 2007
    Transfer of all RODOLPHE activities to Neuchâtel Place Pury and creation of a concept café and showroom.
  14. 2009
    End of collaboration with the FRANCK MULLER group.
  15. 2010
    Creation of Rodolphedesign SA, an independent watch design studio.
  16. 2010
    Creation of the MRC, Manufacture Rodolphe Cattin concept.
  17. 2010
    Creation of the X-TOUS line, the beginning of a long collaboration between Rodolphedesign studio and the Spanish jewel brand TOUS.
  18. 2011
    The beginning of a long collaboration between Rodolphedesign studio and  the French watch manufacturer HERBELIN, leader of the French watch market.
  19. 2014
    the beginning of a long collaboration between Rodolphedesign studio and ILG society, International Luxury Group.
  20. 2015
    Creation of a jewellery collection, following a close collaboration with the Spanish painter and artist RIPOLLÉS.
  21. 2020
    Rodolphedesign studio celebrates 10 years of activity. The office moves to the Rue du Môle, closer to the lake and the town center of Neuchâtel.
key Projects
Longines - Rodolphe by Longines - 1985-1994
MRC Manufacture Rodolphe Cattin Adore tutti frutti - 2010 & MRC Manufacture Rodolphe Cattin Utopia - 2010
Longines Golden Wings 1985-1994
Bovet Watch of the year - 1998
MRC Manufacture Rodolphe Cattin Witness - 2010
Longines Grande Classique 1985-1994
Rodolphe Instinct big Tourbillon 2007 & Rodolphe Instinct chrono 180° - 2007
Movado Rondino stainless - 2005
Rodolphe Instinc basic four timer - 2007
Longines Francillon 1985-1994
Universal Genève Golden Janus Cabriolet - 1994
Viper by Rodolphe - 2003
Longines Conquest 1985-1994
Esprit Jewelry collection - 2005
Esprit Houston funky - 2005
Breil Kult - 2003
Rodolphe Miura - 2007 & Rodolphe Paninaro chrono diver automatic - 2007
Corum Admiral’s cup legend 42 - 2011
Rodolphe Instinct 180° watch of the year - 2006
Bulova - 2003
X-Tous - 2010
Michel Herbelin Cap Camarat - 2018